Time To Begin, Rosco Bandana’s 1st Album!


For Rosco Bandana, it truly is Time To Begin, as their aptly named first album so eloquently states, both in title and in sound. A debut album this good doesn’t come around but once in a while, so Hard Rock Records is extremely proud to be the ones helping to shepherd this incredible band. The praise, however, should rest squarely on Rosco Bandana: Jason, Barry, Jennifer, Emily, Josh, Patrick, and Jackson. This band’s humble origins in Mississippi have given rise to a record that is, at turns, foot-stomping and quiet, celebratory and inward, and insanely good from beginning to end. Believe it.

We encourage everyone to get the album at iTunes or Amazon. It’s available for download on both sites for just $8.99. Believe us, this is the beginning of something extraordinary. Rosco Bandana’s rise begins now and Hard Rock is extremely lucky to be along for the ride.

It’s Time To Begin.

Preview & Pre-Order Time to Begin


For Hard Rock Records and its first band – Americana-infused, Mississippi septet, Rosco Bandana – it truly is Time To Begin. The first release from the band and label is available for digital pre-order through iTunes and for preview via Amazon and will be available to the masses on September 25th. The band, discovered as part of Hard Rock’s 2011 Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands, have already shot a video for their first single and are fresh off an official Lollapalooza after party performance in Chicago this past weekend. They’ll hit the road this September, in support of the release of the album.

I hope people get something honest out of our music,” says singer/guitarist Jason Sanford. “I hope they’re able to feel something, and to empathize with it when they hear the lyrics.

Rosco Bandana Premieres 2nd Single


Not ones to rest on their laurels (what is a laurel, anyway?), Rosco Bandana, Hard Rock Records first signed band, have released their second single, a barnstorming stomp called “Woe Is Me.” Really, though, there is no woe here because this song further solidifies Rosco’s sound, style, and shear awesomeness. Believe it. Check it out:—woe-is-me.html